How Using ROI’s Can Double Influencer Marketing Numbers

Influencer marketing is something creators from all over the world have been trying to nail down since the beginning of brand sponsorships. If done correctly, influencer marketing can drive views and purchases to a much wider audience  then just traditional advertising campaigns. Lately, companies have been striving to incorporate ROI’s into their influencer marketing campaign. When looking at the success of influencer marketing and the influx it has on the marketing community, a few big factors play a role in making the content relatable to those that are viewing it. A few of these factors are relatability to those you are trying to market to, as well as sharing personal experiences and the reason the influencer is try to work with the brand. Successful influencer marketing campaigns focus on the golden trifecta which is essentially creating a mix of highs and lows throughout the video to create engagement. Infleuner marketing is the new way to reach audiences, ROI can help it be effective.



Food Network Picks Up ‘No Recipe Road Trip With the Try Guys’ as a Series

(Image from The Try Guys /

Last week, Variety announced in an exclusive article that Discovery’s Food Network had picked up “No Recipe Road Trip With the Try Guys” for an additional five-episode order. An initial one-episode special was agreed upon back in February but has been expanded upon in this new agreement. The initial special and these five additional episodes will air as Season 1 with no official release date yet, but will most likely air on both the Food Network channel and the Discovery+ streaming service.

The show will follow The Try Guys, Zach Kornfeld, Keith Habersberger, Eugene Lee Yang, and Ned Fulmer, as these best friends and content creators travel across the U.S., taste new foods, and try to recreate them, modeling their popular youtube series, “Without a Recipe”. 

The Try Guys are a Youtube group that gained popularity at Buzzfeed in the mid-2010s, when the group of four co-workers began to create videos together, trying new things, for the internet media outlet. With a social media following of more than 13 million followers across social media platforms and racking up over 3 billion video views, the quartet decided to leave the company in June 2018 to start their own production company, 2nd Try

This deal between the traditional medium of television to feature an idea from a group that’s fame originally came from the Internet is a great example of media convergence. Fans of The Try Guys, who normally watch the creators on Youtube, now have the chance to watch the group on cable television. While this deal is exciting for the smaller production company, it also shows that larger, more established, traditional companies need help appealing to a younger audience and are partnering with several influencers who have come to fame through the Internet.

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