Comcast Spectator and Nerd Street Gamers

Philadelphia’s Possible Future as a Main Hub for Esports, Through Comcast

The Philly-based esports company Nerd Street Gamers recently added Comcast CEO’s son, Tucker Roberts, to their board of directors.

This all happens as Nerd Street Gamers, an organization focused on developing training, building facilities and producing events for esports, prepares to build approximately 100 esports centers around the nation all within a period of five years. Roberts is currently the president of Comcast Spectator’s gaming division in South Philadelphia, which also includes the local esports team Philadelphia Fusion. Comcast Spectator is the entertainment and sports company under Comcast that owns the Wells Fargo Center, along with the Philadelphia Flyers.

Comcast isn’t the only company supporting Nerd Street Gamers. Other companies that have created alliances with this esports pioneer are SeventySix Capital, Elevate Ventures, and Five Below. In fact, they plan to establish some of their 100 new facilities inside some Five Below locations and college campuses, such as the local Rowan University.

It should also be mentioned that Comcast Spectator plans to open the first esports arena in the United States called Fusion Arena in South Philadelphia.

All of these steps led by Comcast may put Philadelphia as a top city for esports, an ever-growing and money-making industry. But this also shows the huge control and influence that Comcast has over the city and its economy. Whether you support it or not, it seems like Philadelphia’s future is determined by that telecommunications beast.