Chris Cuomo fired by CNN

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CNN primetime anchor Chris Cuomo was fired by CNN on Saturday, December 4. According to CNBC, the termination comes from new information detailing how Cuomo helped his brother Andrew Cuomo respond to sexual assault allegations.

Back in early August, then-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was exposed for accounts of sexual harassment of over 11 women. After being urged to resign from the majority of the Democratic party and even President Joe Biden, Gov. Cuomo resigned on Tuesday, August 10.

Since then, Chris Cuomo’s position at CNN was in danger. The network placed Cuomo on an indefinite suspension on Tuesday, November 30, after New York Attorney General Letitia James released the evidence of Chris Cuomo’s involvement in aiding Gov. Cuomo, CNBC reported.

The suspension also came only hours after the request for CNN to fire Cuomo by a former Gov. Cuomo aide. The aide, Charlotte Bennet, was one of the 11 women that accused Gov. Cuomo of sexual harassment. After the suspension, it only took a few days for new information to come out, showing the network that Cuomo was more involved than originally assumed.

This new information alludes to Cuomo leveraging his position and resources at CNN to help Gov. Cuomo’s case and possible sexual assault allegations of his own.

Cuomo posted a statement on Twitter the afternoon after his termination, stating his disappointment and how he disagrees with how CNN handled the situation.

On social media, some showed support for CNN’s decision to fire Cuomo.

Fans of Cuomo, on the other hand, either showed support for Cuomo and/or shared their anger and frustration with CNN’s decision.

There are many observing the situation that understand both sides.

Since his termination from CNN, Cuomo has lost his book deal with HarperCollins, originally set to release in 2022. Cuomo also stepped down from his SiriusXM show after being urged to by the network.

A hefty legal battle is likely the next chapter of this saga. According to Insider, Cuomo is pondering suing CNN for $18 million, the rest of his contract value.


Chris Cuomo suspended indefinitely by CNN

Image Courtesy of CNN

Earlier today, CNN announced that they would be dropping their news anchor, Chris Cuomo, following new information bout how he aided his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, during his alleged sexual misconduct controversies. To recap, Andrew Cuomo has been under investigation by the attorney general’s office after eleven women came forward, accusing Cuomo of engaging in unwanted sexual advancements, and impropriate behavior.

It should be made clear that Chris Cuomo is not in hot water for his association with his brother. According to documents released by the New York Attorney general revealed that Chris had “a greater level of involvement in his brother’s efforts than we previously knew.” These documents included records of texts messages between Chris Cuomo and his brother’s staff members, providing private information about some of the women who have come forward with allegations of misconduct.

Image Courtesy of CNBC

A CNN spokesperson said, “…he broke our rules and we acknowledged that publicly. But we also appreciate the unique position he was in.” So far, Chris has not commented on nor acknowledged this turn of events, but continues to defend his brother. On his SiriusXM radio show, Chris stated, “I did not want him [Andrew Cuomo] to resign in the beginning, because I believed him, and I thought that you don’t resign, you ask for due process.”