NBCUniversal Decreases Commercial Time In Favor of Advertisers

Programming of NBCUniversal

The giant media company announced on April 6th that they will reduce the amount of commercials and have room for more interrupted content.

Even though there is a surge in TV viewership, advertisers are pushing back on commercials because of the pandemic. Some industries struggle to maintain relevancy and it might even be more damaging to their brand to promote themselves, because they could come off as offensive. As these marketers struggle to shape their messaging in a relevant and respectful way, NBCUniversal is helping them by limiting the commercial time and offering their creative services teams as a resource for a waived fee.

Some of the channels that will hold more uninterrupted content are MSNBC, NBC News, CNBC, and Telemundo. During primetime, they will substitute some commercial time with clips from their comedy late-night shows. NBCUniversal also plans to hold (almost) commercial-free movie nights for families.

Source: https://deadline.com/2020/04/nbcuniversal-reducing-commercials-as-advertisers-scale-back-shift-message-family-movie-night-limited-ads-1202901703/?fbclid=IwAR3mW8v8DnYIjf2toBURmjiyRUxnDAnCCGEhlBAP55wgyHng5ucUbtZYIyI


Yes or No is an Absolut: Alcohol’s Campaign for Consent

Retrieved from: mediapost.com

While sexual consent and alcohol are not a commonly co-branded duo, Absolut hit the internet with a new #SexResponsibly campaign. Confronting the stereotype of alcohol’s effect in sexual assault and misconduct, Absolut released a series of ads within the campaign. One of the most notable was “Buying someone a drink doesn’t buy you a Yes.” which is a smart play for the company.

The article reviewed statistics of the interplay between alcohol and sexual assault, citing it as the “most common drug” involved in over half of all recorded cases of sexual assault. Absolut furthers their mission by committing to donate $1 to RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual-violence organization, every time that the campaign is shared.

While we have seen countless alcoholic beverage companies confront the issue of driving under the influence with messages like “Drive responsibly”, this is one of the first to confront sexual assault. It will be interesting to see the public reaction to this bold campaign.

Source: https://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/347124/absoluts-sexresponsibly-campaign-is-bold-given.html

Your Privacy does not matter when you Stream

Recent deals involving Roku and other companies have expanded the surveillance infrastructure that operates in the background of streaming services.

Welcome to the 21st century, where soon there will be more than just Netflix or Hulu streaming content to us. Coming very soon many different corporations and media tech companies will be unveiling their “new” streaming service, Disney+, Apple TV Plus, and Peacock just to name a few. What is creating all these streaming services is not the desire to share their content with you on their platform, it’s to make money, and the main way these companies do that is through advertising and data collection but the methods used to get the ad to you is coming from a dangerous place. 

Data collection is becoming the new currency for these streaming giants. They are able to collect data based on what shows you are watching, what device you are using to watch, your location, and so many other factors that create a pretty clear internet footprint of who you are and what interests you. These streaming companies collect all this data and use it to target you with widely specific advertisements. With streaming service becoming more and more popular, advertising companies now have a real-time data stream on their users that has never existed before with traditional television but with all this information being tracked and all the money the data is worth sometimes our privacy takes a back-seat for these companies so they can make some extra money. 

Advertisers are starting to shift spending from traditional television to streaming services by the tune of 3.8 billion dollars and many companies are trying to get on the money. With this rise in advertising within the streaming industry, many users of the streaming services are at risk of having their data taken without their knowledge. In recent years, tech giants such as Vizio TV and Samba TV has been accused of gathering and selling your data without your knowledge just by using your TV but even just knowing that these companies are doing this is not enough because this is such new ground, there are no laws or regulations in this data collection industry. Trackers and other software that collect our data on these platforms happen without us knowing and behind our backs only to target with super specific ads and without and rules data collection is only going to become more corrupt.

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/25/business/media/streaming-data-collection-privacy.html