Yes or No is an Absolut: Alcohol’s Campaign for Consent

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While sexual consent and alcohol are not a commonly co-branded duo, Absolut hit the internet with a new #SexResponsibly campaign. Confronting the stereotype of alcohol’s effect in sexual assault and misconduct, Absolut released a series of ads within the campaign. One of the most notable was “Buying someone a drink doesn’t buy you a Yes.” which is a smart play for the company.

The article reviewed statistics of the interplay between alcohol and sexual assault, citing it as the “most common drug” involved in over half of all recorded cases of sexual assault. Absolut furthers their mission by committing to donate $1 to RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual-violence organization, every time that the campaign is shared.

While we have seen countless alcoholic beverage companies confront the issue of driving under the influence with messages like “Drive responsibly”, this is one of the first to confront sexual assault. It will be interesting to see the public reaction to this bold campaign.



The Commercial That Stole The Show On Football’s Biggest Night


It’s quite evident that football’s biggest night is the perfect opportunity for companies to persuade all who are watching to utilize/buy their products through the use of captivating commercials. In saying that, this year’s Superbowl had commercials that ranged from happy, to humorous, to serious/emotional, to completely strange and seemingly pointless.

To get a professional opinion on these commercials, KDKA sat down with Shannon Baker–the president of a local ad agency to get her opinion on which spots were the winners and the losers on football’s biggest night. Baker is president of the Gatesman Agency in Pittsburgh and has 18 years of experience in the ad business (so she knows a good bit about how companies and clients can accurately convey a message that resonates with audiences and further persuades them to either adopt an idea, utilize a software, or buy a product.)

According to Baker, she believes that if you craft a story that is short, tight, and memorable, it is going to make people feel something–which is critical to the success of the commercial.

She says Google set the bar very high with its emotional “Loretta” ad, and many others would agree. Millions of people were raving about the heartfelt tearjerking ad that was based on a true story. For those who didn’t get to see the commercial, it begins with a man typing into Google “how to not forget,” and then asking his Google Assistant device to show him photos of his late wife named Loretta. The man continues to ask Google to remember certain things about her, like the fact that she hated his mustache, loved going to Alaska, and always snorted when she laughed. In the end, Google recites all of the things the man had asked the device to remember. It closed out with the man saying, “remember I’m the luckiest man in the world.”

Overall, Baker and many others believe that Google set the bar very high with their ‘Loretta’ ad because not only did it tug on the emotional heartstrings of audiences, but it also marketed the product in a simple yet compelling way.


Pittsburgh Ad Agency Says Which Super Bowl Commercials Were The Most And Least Impressive