Tik-Tok Is in Trouble

This Week  in Tech: Tiktok is in Trouble

In this article, “The week in tech: Tiktok is in Trouble” by Jamie Condliffe, it explores the new craze people have on the new app called TikTok but why it could get shut down. TikTok is a social media platform for creating, sharing, and discovering short music videos, such as karaoke and choreographed dances. It has recently been downloaded 1.2 billion times globally, it is growing very fast. At the moment, it is more popular than Facebook for some teens, which is why some people dislike it. It is cashing in on a vast market opportunity and taking away from many others. People are trying to compete but losing loads amounts of money; Google is trying to compete with a similar app called “firework.” Other businesses and brands are worried it is taking far to many people away from there apps so others could suffer. People are also worried because it is Chinese run and own, and there have been many worrying statements made that the Chinese communist party knows where your child lives and what they look like. Nothing has been confirmed about these worries, but if it’s true, do we want our kids posting on this platform? I’ve seen Tiktok pop up everywhere recently and how famous people are becoming from it, so I wanted to see what the craze was all about. It was fascinating to learn where it came from and who started it but also how many issues it is starting and creating for people.