iHeart Pledges to Only Play “Taylors Version”

Photo by Taylor Swift on Twitter

With Taylor Swift in the process of slowly re-recording her old work, with the newest release of her album Red radio stations were still playing the old versions, now owned by Scooter Braun. iHeart, the world’s largest radio chain made a public pledge recently to only play “Taylors Version” of her songs.

Tom Poleman, chief programming officer for iHeart Media states that “whenever Taylor re-records a new track, we immediately replace the old versions.” He also states that the company is fully committed to delivering and playing what the fans want to hear. It has been abundantly clear that fans want to hear the newly re-recorded versions.

Variety Magazine made a comment that most radio stations never switched out the “gold tracks” from the old version to the new track. Although Taylor never came forth with the wishes of playing strictly “Taylors Version”, Swifties have made it clear that they want to hear the re-recorded version.

As of now iHearts the executive decision only applies to the re-recorded version of Fearless, which was released this past June and obviously Red. As Taylor keeps releasing her own versions of her old albums, iHeart will only play those versions.


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