YouTube to Update its Settings

One of the largest and most beloved platform for content creators of all different realms, YouTube has recently been experimenting with some of its video settings and is excited to announce a few very convenient updates. First and foremost, YouTube will give its audience members the opportunity to view any destinations mentioned in videos by creators on the spot, by providing an additional space with appropriate links directly after the spots have been mentioned. Though a minor change, it is important to note that up until now, YouTubers have had to add in text links to add information about places mentioned in the video. According to Social Media Today, This feature will simplify this process by adding a new visual ink format for videos where YouTube can detect a place to mention.

Youtube is also making changes in the subscription department through tightening its organizational strategies. There is a new “Collections” option in the work, and it is being tested currently. This option is intended to group together channel subscriptions that belong to the same category, and this will make it easier for audiences to find videos based on the creator channels that they are already subscribed to. This also prevent audiences from missing new content published by their favorite YouTubers and will decrease the likely hood of a channel becoming shadow-banned. I found this article important because as a regular content consumer since the very young age of eleven, I have always wondered about things that were featured on my YouTube page, and how that content landed on my screen. These strategies of content distribution are essential in enabling a well-functioning platform.

Taken from Social Media Today- the newly envisioned YouTube.



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