Twitter to Take on TikTok Format

Twitter is a platform that is known for its audience and sometimes- the ruthlessness of that audience. Twitter has attempted for many years to mitigate the seriousness of the vulgar humor and reaction-provoking content that is displayed on its platform daily. On a mission to make this encounter more manageable, Twitter is planning to revamp its explore settings by updating them to resemble a TikTok format, on an Instagram Reel- one that displays content like images, videos and even text-based tweets in a vertical form and short bursts. This new feature has been tested in both Android and IOS and will this be made available in both formats. In addition to that, the Twitter team has decided on putting to the test a one-time warning feature that will allow users to flag their posts with different labels. In the past, users had to mark all of their content under a single, general label: Sensitive. With categories like Nudity and Violence made available through this update, Twitter is now closer than ever to a new human-first approach for distributing content on its website.

As per a recent tweet:

“‘Explore’ section will have just two tabs: For You and Trending. Although the format looks a lot like TikTok UI, however, on Twitter, the retweet, share and like options will be placed at the bottom of the video instead of the right side.” (Yahoo News).


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