MrBeast Recreates Viral Squid Game

Social media star MrBeast has recently recreated the entire set from the recent hit show Squid Games. There were 456 contestants that had played in his real-life recreation, costing him $2 million to make all the design sets. Though the outcomes of his games were not death, there were cash prizes for each contestant getting at least $2,000 in cash. Whoever was able to last the longest and won the challenge would win $456,000 and MrBeast used $1.5 million for the other cash prizes. Though this is one of the most expensive sets he’s done, this is not something new to his YouTube channel. 

The video has started out the same with the game in the Netflix tv series, Squid Games, with Red Light, Green Light. In this game, everyone wore a wireless device around their waist that is connected to the number they are wearing and burst open with fake blood letting everyone know they moved during the red light. After this event, only 232 contestants moved on into the next round, which is the famous honeycomb scene. In this challenge, the contestants had to carve out a shape in hardened sugar without breaking the shape. The shapes were a circle, triangle, star, and umbrella, if they were not able to take out the shape without breaking it they will not be able to move onto the next round. During this time, they were only given 10 minutes to put more pressure on them.  Only 142 contestants were able to complete the challenge. They then moved on to the tug of war game which split the contestants into groups of 10 with 12 groups total as 22 people had left before the start of the game to earn more money. This then lead to only 60 people left in the game with the next challenge being the Marbles. During this game, everyone is in a pair and only one of them can move on to the next round, which leaves only 30 people left in the game. In the next game, only 16 people were allowed to move on and it was to the first 16 people who were able to turn over a red envelope on the ground by throwing a blue envelope at it. Once the 16 people moved on to the next round, they had to cross a glass bridge. The glass bridge had two paths and with each step they took, there was a 50/50 chance of them taking the wrong path. In the end, only 6 contestants were able to cross and move into the next round. The last game was musical chairs and finally, there was a winner who got $456,000 and second place with $10,000. 

Squid Games has been out on Netflix since September 17th of this year and has immediately gained a lot of popularity quickly. MrBeast has first tweeted about wanting to recreate the series in real life on October 14th and how he was going to go all-in with the setup. Also during his video, some of the contestants have stated that they did not even watch the Netflix series as they want the cash prizes. Some people are commenting how it’s very ironic for him to do because the main reason why there was a Squid Game was for the wealthy people to watch these people suffer for only one person to win and to live through it. Though this video may seem a bit of a reach, MrBeast is also someone that puts his time and money into other things that are good for the environment and tries to give back to the people. During the time he was setting up the real-life Squid Games, he was also raising money for TeamSea. TeamSea is organized that helps remove waste from our oceans through donations they get. MrBeast also raised money to plant over 20 million trees.  



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