Facebook, to be Submitted to Federal Investigation

It goes without saying that many social media platforms today, despite various efforts are incapable of self-regulation. Facebook has once again made the daily headlines for misleading claims made toward advertisers and investors about public safety advertisement reach. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Maria Cantwell are urging federal regulations to look into Facebook or its executives to determine whether they have violated security laws. Particularly, Warren is calling on the Department of Justice and Securities and Exchange Commission. Cantwell, on the other hand published a letter in which she encouraged the Federal Trade Commission to hold Facebook accountable for its deceptive business practices. Evidence of the claims made by the Senators came directly from a testimony made by one of Instagram’s directors, Adam Mosseri, before a commerce subcommittee in regards to the protection of minors on the platform. Apparently, disclosures made by whistleblowing ex-employee- Frances Haugen- of security violation, laid the foundation for the building of tangible argument with an actual case. Warren uses Haugen’s statements to justify her initial request of putting Facebook in the spotlight. This post is important because privacy and social media are two elements that have long gone head to head in disagreement. Facebook policies have made headlines time and time again, and has yet to cease being reprimanded for policy regulation.

Original Source: CNBC News. Pictured: Sen. Elizabeth Warren in an Oct. 26 hearing.

Source: CNBC News



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