Edible Arrangements Aims to Turn Their Brand Around

Edible Arrangements has done a major 180 in their branding and marketing, and have pivoted towards targeting a younger demographic. Historically, the company has primarily marketed towards older people having advertisement placements on TV. After having a tough year in 2019 with sales down double digits, they knew they had to make a pretty dramatic change.

Meryl Draper, the CEO of Brooklyn based ad agency called “Quirk Creative“, said “Brand is starting to become a part of the conversation again this year. It’s that shift back to, ‘We’ve got to do performance-driving tactics, like lower-funnel tactics. But we also have to now rebuild our brand equity and tell our brand story.’”

There is a clear digital shift going on among older businesses that have yet to acclimate to the new media landscape. In the case of Edible Arrangements, they began to focus primarily on e-commerce, whereas before they would have a lot of products at supermarkets or at brick and mortar locations. Visual story telling seems to be something they’re going after strongly as well, as they have started to produce tons more visual content on social media platforms.


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