Facebook Launches VR Metaverse

Thursday afternoon marked the opening of their virtual MetaVerse “Horizon World”. The new Meta verse allows users to connect using the use of their speciality Oculus virtual reality headsets following the Facebook acquisition of Oculus back in 2014 for $2 billion. Facebook is looking to extend the Metaverse for $10 billion over the next year. This news comes after democratic push for a federal investigation into the claim that facebook is misleading advertisers as well as participating in illegal activities after the data breach of 2016. The Metaverse world “Horizon World” will allow users to interact with each other via virtual reality. This leaves many wondering the question of if this is the future of social media. Is every platform going to have their own way of interacting with each other via a digital version of themselves? We are all aware of the fact that VR is the new wave of entertainment. Guess we will have to see what is next from our favorite social media platforms.




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