Twitter rolls out controversial new privacy agreement

Twitter announced on Wednesday its plan to conduct an “internal review” after numerous attempts to try to enforce their new policy. The new privacy agreement would penalize users for sharing photos with the consent of those pictures. The platform plans on using this new feature as a way to combat the prevalence of harassment and bullying, two issues the world is all too familiar with in terms of social media. The issue with this new privacy agreement id that its something that is extremely hard to enforce for the fact that it leaves way for the enforcement team of this particular section to make mistakes and penalize the wrong people.There are some exceptions to the new privacy policy in that journalist or people who are reporting for “the common good” are considered to be exempt from the enforcement of this policies. Twitter has received a lot of push back from far right support groups such as “The Proud Boys”, who are using this new agreement to go after people who have criticized them in the past and posted pictures of them without their permission. I believe that this new agreement leaves room for a lot of misinformation to be published and create fake reports. Twitter needs to better job at combating bullying across their platforms, just by the pushback from this new agreement they need to think of a new one.



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