ISP’s want more money now!!

During early fall a little streaming program caused a fuss.

Maybe you’ve heard of it, Squid Games.

Familiar? Sure, you are. It is the program that has captured the attention of 142 million homes worldwide. And internet service providers are feeling the pain. As the exclusive culprit for the strain, ISPs are looking for the dinero, Cash Money, Benjamin’s, or the coins as the kids say.  

What it boils down too is, streaming services like Netflix, Amazon etc. already pay for use of the broadband networks. And most have anticipatory safeguards in place for peak demand.

Image: Netflix

So why they mad?

Because of the unpresented usage Squid Games has caused it’s putting a greater stain on resources. Which is cutting into the ISP’s profit margins.

And who would less more money for more work?

A fool.

And this is why the ISPs are suing to try and recoup those funds.

To get more details see Vice News article below.

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