Zendaya to Bring Representation to Film in Aspiring Career Change

In a recent sit-down with Interview Magazine, actress and model Zendaya Coleman opens up about what inspires her while being surrounded by other creatives. The Euphoria actress has been in the industry since she was young, earning her title as the youngest woman to ever win an Emmy for best actress in a drama series.

She speaks of her creative energy that is ignited while working with photographers such as Marcell Rev on the set of Euphoria, noting that he is a master of his craft. Interviewer Colman Domingo transitions into film by asking if Zendaya is interested in directing. Her answer reveals her curious and laid-back nature surrounding the path that she is willing to follow.

The idea of trying to direct in the future excites me. That’s why I’m on set so much. When I’m not in it, I’m right there trying to learn. I go around and I ask our crew members, “What are you doing today? Can you explain it to me?”


The genre that Zendaya is interested in directing is a story about two black girls in love. She adds that it should not be rooted in anything other than two people falling in love, noting that she has not seen such work done without a traumatic aspect. The tie between making an eye-catching story that links under-represented people to traumatic experiences is extremely evident in film today.

It would be interesting to see a film that, as Zendaya describes, encapsulates the expansive and beautiful emotional experience of a black woman coming of age.


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