Political Nihilism on the Rise Among Young People

In a new research poll by Pew, younger adults are far more likely to view there being less of a difference between the political parties, as opposed to their older counterparts. 77% of people 65 report believing that there is a major difference, while a mere 42% of people between 18-29 say the same.

This in large part is due to the failure of the media to report news that is accurate, and doesn’t come off as cheap propaganda or pandering. Only a third of the country (36%) have a “great deal” or “fair amount” of trust in mass media, which is a real tragedy given how many resources large media corporations have. The media obviously isn’t the lone catalyst for political nihilism. Things such as politicians being bought and owned by big money, and their lack of dedication to the working class are a major factor. But it would be naive to think that the media doesn’t exacerbate this problem further.Why should people trust political institutions when the only things they hear about them are over filtered and watered down, often times with omitted information?

In general, young adults find trouble relating to a party – and are increasingly bound to recognize themselves as free thinkers. In any case, even among the young individuals who identify with a party, younger Democrats and Republicans alike think that their respective party represents them less then the older members of the party do.


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