Newsmax Hires Reporter Who Was Fired From Fox News for Sexual Assault

In an attempt to supposedly steer away from it’s traditionally bombastic right-wing content, Newsmax is in the process of replacing a number of reporters with less extreme viewpoints. Emerald Robinson is a reporter that was recently let go by the news company, as her positions didn’t even make sense to Newsmax itself. She was known for pushing pathetically refutable vaccine conspiracy theories, such as that the COVID vaccine contains “satanic markers”, and that vaccines contained “bioluminescent” tracking devices linked to the devil.

Newsmax’s efforts to hire more reasonable hosts hasn’t really gotten that far however, as the man who is set to replace Robinson is former Fox News correspondent James Rosen, who left the network in 2017 amid a number of sexual assault accusations. As far as his actual beliefs go, he’s more or less what you’d expect from any talking head on the news, in that you get the sense that he doesn’t really believe in anything concretely, and instead regurgitates the milquetoast opinions of the corporation at large.

Given that fact, it’s pretty questionable as to why Newsmax would want to hire this guy, as he’s not the greatest on-air personality, and has a history with baggage attached. It’s almost as if Newsmax is just trying to rile people up by making weird decisions that a more typical news corporation wouldn’t make


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