Donald Trump’s New Media Deal in Question

On Monday, December 6th, the US Securities and Exchange Commission is looking into a claim about a company that has had business with Donald Trump’s new social media deal. For month’s now it has seemed like the former president has always been teasing this new social media platform that him and all of his supporters would be able to post freely what they think without the “fake news” taking down their content. It is not much of a surprise when you find out that the reason big tech banned trump and is “silencing” his supports is due to the fact that they all support outrageous claims that have been debunked and they also spread misinformation about the election and about COVID-19. Trump’s social media platform was going to be acquired by DWAC, Digital World Acquisition Crop., however, the company has disclosed that there is a probe and they disclosed that they are publically filing with the SEC. A direct quote from the filing states,

“DWAC received a voluntary information and document request from the SEC which sought, inter alia, documents relating to meetings of DWAC’s Board of Directors, policies and procedures relating to trading, the identification of banking, telephone, and email addresses, the identities of certain investors, and certain documents and communications between DWAC and TMTG,” the filing said. It added that, “According to the SEC’s request, the investigation does not mean that the SEC has concluded that anyone violated the law or that the SEC has a negative opinion of DWAC or any person, event, or security.”

Trump is projecting his new platform to be a host to almost 81 million users by the year 2026. That is 7 million more than the amount of votes he received in the 2020 election. Trump is also trying to bring his company, Trump Media & Technology Group to the stock market and it has been stated that DWAC has lined up 1 billion dollars in promised investments. There is still no final say as to what is going to happen with his platform but as the information comes in, we will see if his “vision” comes true.


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