Meta to Update Cryptocurrency policy

With cryptocurrency becoming a popular topic in the media environment, Meta has made an announcement to modify its crypto license regulation policy. This is an effort to increase advertisements about cryptocurrency on Meta’s platform thus encouraging promotions. In a public announcement made by the company, it is stated that the eligibility for running crypto ads on the platform will be updated by expanding the number of regulatory licenses accepted from three to 27. Regional licensing provisions, however, vary by nation, so it is very important for whichever currency being advertised to adhere to the state-determined regulations. This initiative will not only be of use to investors and the crypto movement in general, but will enable Meta to make financial profit from sponsoring them. In the beginning, the crypto market was not as stable, nor did it have as much momentum as it does today. However, with the coming of years it has matured and stabilized significantly, and this has called for much more government regulation. I chose this article because of the astonishing progress that cryptocurrency has had in recent years. Although it not recognized or supported by most financial regulators just yet, it has a promising future and may be accepted as a form of payment later on. CEO-s of major companies, like Elon Musk have advocated for it, and an example of this is DOGECOIN, a penny stock that saw a significant rise last April after Musk invested in it.

It is important to note that with the adoption of cryptocurrency within our society, more of its risks will become apparent, with the main one being volatility. The driving force behind cryptocurrency most of the time is simply good faith, and there is no knowing how long that can be adequate support for its success.

Source: Social Media Today.


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