Social Media and Mental Health Correlation in Adults

Mental Health Awareness Month is May, but should be prioritized every day of the year.

Social media usage and mental health are two topics that have gained much more attention over the last few years and are now often linked to each other. Researchers have investigated the toll social media use can have on adults and whether it correlates to depression. Within their research, they found that using social media can have an effect on an increase in risk of depressive symptoms, but it is not always the case. Social media does have more effects on adolescents and young adults when it comes to anxiety and depression, but this research was focused more on older adults. One finding from the research is that it is often difficult to tell if social media usage or depression came first in each person’s situation. A large aspect of depression and social media being linked is because of social comparison, where people see others “living their best life” and compare their own life to what they see.

            I believe that social media usage and mental health topics, such as depression, are definitely correlated in adults, or A person of any age for that matter. As noted in the article, people often post their achievements on social media, and while they do not actually represent their whole lives, they can seem like it. People can see others’ “living their best life” on social media and can feel like a failure because they are not able to do the same, which can lead to depression.


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