Disney+ Worrying Investors Amid Plateau.

Admits the age of the superpower that is known as Netflix, Disney+ started to grow rapidly since it was released in 2019. From 2019 to today, there is currently, 118.1 million subscribers to the streaming service. Already that is two million more than what they reported in August of 2021. Compared to last year however, during the pandemic, Disney reported that the company made 18.5 billion dollars which was up by 26% from the pandemic era. Disney+ is classified as one of the most successful streaming services and it is classified as a direct competitor to Netflix.

“We continue to manage our DTC business for the long-term, and are confident that our high-quality entertainment and expansion into additional markets worldwide will enable us to further grow our streaming platforms globally,”

Disney’s CEO Bob Chapek

Why would a plateau in subscriptions raise such an alarm? The streaming service has always been focusing on a quarter to quarter growth template rather than thinking about the future. While the CEO stated that they are making the shift now and focusing on the long term effect of their platform, there seems to be a lot of differences that change how the platform will maneuver through the market. For instance, the market is much more saturated since the release of new platforms like Paramount+. Not being able to adapt to the market and follow a content calendar like others will slowly show where the company’s priorities are. Fortunately, the company saw an increase in sale for it’s park revenue so it did not create too much of a scare, but investors are worried about the platforms future going forward.


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