The Increasing Popularity of ‘Ghost Guns’ in America

Image via New York Times

The Second Amendment has become a widely discussed topic over the last few years. This issue has left the country divided and unsure how to get the problem under control. One thing is for certain and it’s that gun related violence has been on the rise. This article discusses the growing popularity of a new type of gun, often referred to as a ghost gun.

The result of this new loophole is more fatalities amongst those who may have been unaware of its legitimacy in the first place. 12-year-old Max Mendoza fell of San Diego fell victim to this, accidentally shooting himself in his bedroom with a ghost gun his 15-year-old friend brought to him. Law enforcement in the area have reported that in the last 18 months, ghost guns have been found at well over 25% of crime scenes and have disproportionately affected young people. In addition, most of the people purchasing these guns were otherwise banned from owning a firearm. In the month of October alone, they had recovered nearly 400 ghost guns.

Ghost guns — untraceable firearms without serial numbers, assembled from components bought online — are increasingly becoming the lethal weapon of easy access for those legally barred from buying or owning guns around the country. The criminal underground has long relied on stolen weapons with sanded-off serial numbers, but ghost guns represent a digital-age upgrade, and they are especially prevalent in coastal blue states with strict firearm laws

This begs the question: Why the sudden popularity of these weapons? The reasoning for this is that they are far easier to acquire. This is a result of the fact that they are sold by piece, so they can’t be classified as guns and regulated. A new proposal from the Biden administration would require these pieces to have serial numbers and be treated as regular guns that have to be picked up at a federally licensed gun shop.


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