Paypal Looks to Buy Out Pinterest

Paypal is looking to acquire the digital Image library, Pinterest, in order to make online shopping easier with a more seamless payment process and interface, almost mimicking the concept of Amazon. The deal, which is valued at 45 billion, would be the most expensive buy out of this decade’s internet company exchanges. For comparison, the LinkedIn buyout only cost Microsoft $26 billion. Paypal is willing to put a hefty price tag on this social network because of its investment in e-commerce. The concept of “buyable pins” on Pinterest is its most attractive feature at the moment. It connects the customers with a visual experience of planning and conception to having an immediate call to action which leads to revenue. Pinterest is most commonly used by women but has a vast user base that has a common thread to organization and creativity. In the older generations, Pinterest is used for home decor/improvements, wedding planning, and hundreds of styles of cooking. Younger users are quickly filling the app with fashion photos, editorial homemade shoots, and tutorials for everyday uses. The app is very versatile in content and usually serves as a portfolio-type landing space which provokes the idea for more e-commerce and shopping features. This particular deal is after a wave of social media restructuring to promote “shop” and revenue “in-house.” Facebook and Instagram have both added various shop elements to connect consumers to the physical products there selling on-screen. This intern only further solidifies the notion of micro consumers, informing their follower base of which digital platforms to buy from. Going forward, it will be interesting to see what Pinterest’s response is to this offer and how they might possibly seek a new platform structuring. 


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