More than a third of female journalists feel unsafe doing their jobs

Image via PressGazette

A UK government survey about abuse and harassment reveals that one in three female journalists feel unsafe doing their jobs ins the UK. 80% of the 360 female and male participants said they had experienced threats, abuse, or violence in their jobs as journalists.

However, one in five journalists said they had chosen not to report threats or abuse because they saw it as part of their jobs, and 10% of the survey’s participants said they worried, a reveal could affect their career prospects.

The survey was published by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport, which also put out an action plan on journalists’ safety this year.

The survey confirms that it needs more protection for journalists, to support individuals, but also to enable freedom of speech and freedom of the press. According to the survey, journalists nowadays have low confidence in the current arrangements of police and platforms to deal with incidents. Therefore, the responses confirmed the significant impact this has on their journalistic output.

Media Minister Julia Lopez stated: “The free press is a staunch protector of the public interest and an irreplaceable outlet for ideas and opinions which help to improve society. High-quality journalism should be accessible to as many people as possible, and journalists must feel safe to carry out their vital work in every corner of the country. […] It’s clear there is more to do so we will act on these findings and work with people from a range of disciplines and industries to address the issues raised.”


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