Squid Game is Netflix’s Most Popular Series

Photo via The New York Times

The popular Netflix series “Squid Game” has become their biggest title ever released. The South Korean show about indebted people participating in a deadly content for a cash prize, reached 111 million global views within the first 17 days of release. According to figures estimated by Bloomberg, Hwang Dong-Hyuk’s thriller will generate almost $900 million for the company. “Squid Game” reached the number one position on Netflix in 94 countries.

Compared to other original series produced on Netflix, “Squid Game” was relatively cheep to produce. Each episode cost roughly $2.4 million to produce, a total of $21.4 for the whole series according to Netflix’s performance metrics for the series. The document illustrated how successful the international series has been for Netflix as one of the most popular show ever.

With the success of many of its foreign films, Netflix has invested efforts in translating and dubbing foreign language films for international consumption. “Squid Game” further opens the door for international film production as more American’s consume foreign films and television. Netflix saves millions of dollars and avoids strict union regulations by filming internationally and hiring local talent and production crews.


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