Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’ may be on track to be the Most Popular Show on the Platform

(Picture sourced from / Image via Netflix)

Netflix’s Korean-Language suspenseful, thriller Squid Game has been the #1 show in several countries since it’s release in mid-September and might be on track to be the most watched show on the platform as a whole. According to a recent Forbes article, the current list of highest viewed Netflix shows includes titles such as Bridgerton, Stranger Things, Money Heist and Lupin, which is a French-Language series. Ted Sarandos, CEO of Netflix, recently teased that Squid Game is ranking within the range of those shows and may pass them in total viewership.

Squid Game is a dystopian, thriller series that currently has one season. It follows a group of cash-strapped Korean citizens that are brought to play a series of deadly children’s games for a cash prize of 45.6 Billion South Korean won (38.6 million U.S. dollars). Watch the Official Trailer below:

This is the first time a Korean Series has reached first place in the United States in Netflix weekly rankings. It is interesting to see foreign language media gain such a high level of popularity in the United States. I think this was bound to happen sooner rather than later, seeing the success BTS and K-pop has had with music listeners and the great success and accolades of the Korean film, Parasite. The small peninsula East Asian country of South Korea is making their mark on the 21st century Western World with entertainment and media.

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