The doctor who treated Corona virus in New York was infected and did ‘extreme choice’

15일(현지시간) 코로나19 팬데믹 상황 속 뉴욕 퀸즈의 마운트 사이나이 병원 앞에서 의료 근로자들이 시민들의 박수에 화답을 하고있다. © AFP=뉴스1 © News1 우동명 기자

The New York Times (NYT) reported on the 27th that the emergency room chief doctor, who treated patients with Covid-19 at a hospital in Manhattan, New York, made an extreme choice.

Rona M. Brin (49, female), who works at the New York Press Biterian Allen Hospital, was in charge of the emergency room during Corona virus’ most intense period, and she also contracted Covid-19. He then took a rest and returned to the hospital, but died in Virginia on the 26th after returning home.

His father and other family members said that Dr. Brin had no mental history, but he seemed to be out of his mind by the time he talked to him last, so they could see that something was wrong.

The hospital he worked for was a 200-bed hospital north of Manhattan, with 170 Covid-19 patients. As of April 7, 59 Covid-19 patients were killed.

While he was taking care of the patient, Dr. Brin was also sent home with Covid-19. After about 10 days of rest, the doctor returned and was sent back home. He then made an extreme choice while traveling to Virginia with his family.

Experts believe that medical workers who have been fighting Corona virus may have suffered huge mental effects due to a lack of medical equipment, fear of losing their loved ones, including colleagues, and hard labor.

According to a study released by the international journal “Jama Network Open,” a survey of Chinese medical workers who fought on the front line with Covid-19 showed a higher percentage of serious mental health symptoms such as depression and anxiety than ordinary people.

There is no evidence that Covid-19 played a direct role in Dr. Brin’s own death. According to experts, suicide is caused not just by one thing but by complicated reasons. However, Dr. Brin’s father said, “My safety is becoming dangerous, but I want my daughter to be remembered as one of the thousands of medical heroes who came forward to help others.”


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