ESPN Apologizes for Tee Higgins Graphic Detailing Mother’s ‘Drug Addiction’

During the 2020 NFL Draft, ESPN got personal with all of the draftees in their “Get to Know” graphics. However, they may have gotten too personal with Tee Higgins.

Higgins was being drafted 33rd overall by the Cincinnati Bengals when the graphic was shown. Underneath his hometown, info about his basketball history and noting that his sister plays college basketball was a fact about his mother. It highlights his mother, Camillia’s 16-year drug addiction.

Viewers took to social media to question why ESPN would include something so personal on national television. However, Higgins himself did not mind. The player responded on Twitter saying, “I’m proud of my mom for turning her life around for me and my sister! I have no problem with them showing the world that my mom is a true fighter.”

ESPN still decided to apologize to The Washington Post and say the comment “should not have aired.”


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