As the Pandemic Grows, YouTube Users are Discovering More Videos Straying from Their Usual Patterns


Usually a haven for music videos, vlogs, and prank videos, the current trending pages of YouTube would be very confusing to explain to someone from about three months ago. With everyone locked in their houses many are taking to the platform seeking out many new types of videos. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki chimed in saying, “‘We certainly have seen how our users have changed’ (Stelter, 2020).” Recent searches have been reflecting the ongoing events surrounding COVID-19 with searches about hand washing, quarantine hair cuts, and at home exercises. These videos have been hitting millions of view which would not have ever happened with out the current conditions of the world.

According to Nielsen, YouTube usage has skyrocketed with streaming viewing doubling and YouTube accounting for 20% of streaming minutes. There has been 32 billion minutes worth of YouTube streaming compared to 15 billion minutes in the previous year (Stelter, 2020). Along with basic entertainment videos, YouTube is also working with health professionals and WHO to make sure accurate content is posted to the platform. Any misinformation would violate YouTube health policies. Many adjustments have been made in order to cope with the changing times, and YouTube is seeing that through the shift in it’s current trends.


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