Misinformation Is at a All Time High

Social Media apps on a phone


In this article it explores how much misleading information is put onto the news about the recent pandemic, It states one third of people have read and received misinformation on COVID-19. A survey that is spanning all around the world comes as people try to get a hold on online falsehoods. Google and Facebook are pulling out everything they can to try and take down misinformation. Large news companies are still receiving backlash that they are not doing enough in monitoring the information. Oxford University pulled from 8,500 people across six different countries. It showed that Spain and Argentina where over 40 percent of those polled said they had seen false information. Forty Percent is a very high number to be seeing false information on something so serious. In the US a whopping thirty three percent of people saw a great deal of false information. The U.S showed the greatest levels of polarization among the polled. We need to make sure all of the information we are receiving and publishing is correct. Misinformation especially on a topic like this can set people into a panic or make it seem like its letting up when in reality its not. People showed that the national government was the most credible source of news. With the recent pandemic tensions and anxiety’s are very high so we need to make sure what we are putting out in the world is correct and right. The fact one third of people are seeing false information is far too high, we need to limit it as much as we can.





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