Apple Unveils New iPhone SE

iPhone SE: A powerful new smartphone in a popular design - Apple           Today Apple announced the release of its new second generation iPhone SE. Since the first iPhone SE was received with positive feedback, this new iPhone is meant to build and improve on the accessories that people loved in the original SE. Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller commented on the features of this new phone saying it includes, “industry-leading performance of A13 Bionic that enables great battery life…along with having a Portrait mode and takes Smart HDR photos.. [and also includes] Touch ID back in the phone (LeBlanc, 2020).” This iPhone will continue to go hand in hand with the platforms applications like the App Store, Apple TV, Apple Watch, etc. and will continue to use the headlight cable as its main adaptor to plug into your car radio.

The iPhone SE will carry its usual storage packages with 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. In terms of colors it will be available in black, white and (PRODUCT)RED. Not to be confused with the regular color red, (PRODUCT)RED is a part of Apple’s (RED) partnership (LeBlanc, 2020).” This partnership assures at all profit made off of the sales of the (PRODUCT)RED iPhone will be donated toward HIV/AIDS program funding. Now being called the “affordable” iPhone by Apple, the starting price of the iPhone SE starts at $399.

To sum up this iPhone in the words of the people that have it trending on twitter. “Body iPhone 8. Internals iPhone 11. Camera iPhone XR. Only $399. And your dumb*** bought the iPhone 11 for $750 a month ago (@shaneisiconic).”


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