Coronavirus Sees Ratings Gain For Tv Networks

The pandemic currently sweeping the globe has ironically had some positive effects on television networks struggling to retain relevancy.  Adam Epstein in his article for Quartz covered the massive ratings gain seen by all four major television networks including NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox.  It was reported that around thirty-two million Americans watched the evening news in the last week; the largest ratings numbers seen in decades.  The surge is so impressive that ratings for networks are up forty-two percent compared to the same period last year.  The global pandemic is also benefiting shows like American Idol and Ellen’s new show called Game of Games which both saw massive increases in viewership over the last few weeks.  Interestingly, viewership among the 18-49 age demographic is also up five percent compared to last year which shows that older viewers are not the only ones partially responsible for the ratings boost.  However, it should be noted that these numbers are almost certainly temporary as millions of Americans remain home due to social distancing mandates; and numbers for streaming services likely dwarf those seen by networks. 

I found this article to be incredibly insightful in regard to how the COVID-19 crisis is affecting all aspects of life and business in this country and around the world.  While obviously this event is a largely negative one with thousands of people losing their lives, it does not go without its silver linings such as this story.  It will be interesting to see if after the stay at home orders go away network ratings immediately slip back to mediocrity where they previously were.


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