Pinterest is Open for Shopping

Pinterest shop from visual

In this app, it explains the different add ons Pinterest is adding to their platform and how much of a rise of use they see amid the coronavirus outbreak. The platform is seeing tons of traffic on their app, and they are taking advantage of it. They just added a segment that makes people be able to shop their pins. Now that people are looking for a replacement for physical shops, this is allowing Pinterest to take advantage of that and also helping to boost Pinterest’s broader eCommerce ambitions. “Pinterest is adding a new ‘Shop’ option to your created Pinterest boards, which will provide buyable product recommendations based on the Pins you’ve added to your collection,” the article states. More times then not, when I am on Pinterest, I am always trying to figure out where I can get certain items I’ve pinned, or other people have pinned. It makes recommendations based on interest, as well. It has a “For you” tab, which gives you items you have pinned or similar that the app thinks you may like. This is the right way for people who want to decorate there home or have ideas for there homes to go and find their dream items. I have many pins on my Pinterest that I have always wanted to buy somehow, and this gives me and others a chance to do that. There are items from clothes to decor to furniture and more. Pinterest is where people go to get inspiration, and they are bringing peoples inspirations to life.


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