AT&T President: Consumer Behavior Will Be Fundamentally Changed

The president of AT&T John Stankey stated that as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic consumer behavior will be permanently altered.  In his article for CNBC, Kevin Stankiewicz reports that the far-reaching consequences of the pandemic have yet to be fully understood and consumer behavior will inevitably shift as a result according to Stankey.  He also made it clear that these impacts will not just affect companies like AT&T but also nearly every player in the business landscape.  Stankey argued that these unprecedented last few weeks have shown the incredible value of connectivity and the important role it will continue to play in consumers lives going forward.  Services like Zoom, despite coming under fire for privacy issues recently, have demonstrated that technology has the potential to give our lives a sense of business as usual and normalcy despite the circumstances.  Stankey in the same interview also pointed out  that this health crisis has further shown consumers seemingly insatiable desire for more content and stories to engage with.  He states that this will impact the entertainment industry in unforeseen ways in the coming months and years. 

This article for me was eye opening in that it helped me to put in perspective how far reaching the consequences of this pandemic will be in the future.  Nearly every aspect of life has been changed in some way as a result of the virus sweeping across the globe.  It will be interesting to see in the coming weeks as life slowly returns to normal what aspects of life will be changed as a result of COVID-19.


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