TikTok and Twitter: The Destination for Coronavirus Information

Dr. Danielle Jones, a gynecologist at Baylor Scott and White Health in College Station, Tex., films videos for TikTok and YouTube about women’s health at home on her days off.
Source: New York Times

In light of the excess of information about the Coronavirus streaming out from every source possible, doctors are fighting back. While their jobs in the hospitals are vital during this time, misinformation surrounding the virus is proving to be a major issue for health care providers. This issue has been dubbed an “infodemic” and is part of a two-pronged fight against the virus.

Rick Pescatore, an emergency room doctor, says that “social media is disease, and also the cure”. Medical professionals have started posting their experiences with the virus as well as correct information on topics like hand washing, how the virus can be transmitted, and confronting other virus myths. A large proportion of this information has emerged on #MedTwitter.

Medical professionals have also turned to TikTok, making videos that are entertaining, but also intertwined with information. One nurse created a choreographed dance in the hospital while COVID-19 facts flashed across the screen, this video received over 400,000 views. While another woman’s account was originally geared towards educating children about health, her account now is used to debunk virus myths, and she has over half a million followers.

Article Link: https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/31/tech/social-media-doctors-coronavirus/index.html


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