Helping Small Businesses through Instagram

Instagram Support sticker

In this article, it explains how you can help the small businesses in your community, even on Instagram. We all know this is a crazy time with the current state our country is in with the pandemic and how many local businesses have had to shut down. Instagram has made a section where you can buy gift cards using their app to help support businesses. “You can now set-up links to gift cards from Stories stickers and your profile so customers can help your business.” It states that if you think about it, your local bookstore is going to lose a lot of money due to the loss of traffic so they could offer a 5 percent discount on gift cards to get people to purchase those, so the book store is still getting a source of income. Also, with movie theaters, play centers, nail salons, and hair salons. This would be an excellent time for specific places like that to think of different ways to promote their business and get people to buy gift cards. Instagram is also looking to add a new ‘Support’ sticker to gather donations/promoting gift cards for SMBs and artists. Instagram is doing everything they can at this time to help businesses stay afloat, and so they don’t have to close. A big thing my family has been trying to do is get curbside pick up from our local restaurants and breweries. We have also purchased gift cards from there so they can have a flow of income and stay open. 



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