Staying Active in Quarantine

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This article gives you a look at what fitness companies are doing to keep their members active and engaged while in quarantine. We all know that in the last few weeks, many states have been put into a shelter in place, which means you can only leave your house for groceries, and if you require medical treatment. This eliminates going to the gym and going to exercise classes such as yoga, cycle, and boxing. All of these places had to close there doors, for the time being, leaving people without there usual routine of being active. Certain areas implementing free or for a low rate online classes so that you can stay active and get a good sweat in at home. For example, those companies are participating in being Beachbody, P90X, Barry’s Bootcamp, Peloton, and many more. The fitness and health club industry estimates around 30 billion dollars annually and keeps rising every year. They are keeping people active and fit through this quarantine and helping people stay sane with having classes throughout the day. There are over 30,000 membership-based exercise facilities in the U.S. It is giving the fitness companies more exposure, and so they can keep making money. People are streaming more and more workouts. Since the quarantine started On Demand streaming, exercises are the fastest-growing fitness category. On-demand fitness spends spiked 58.7% since 2018 and nearly 130% since 2017. This will also help keep people in their houses when they should be and help social distancing by still being able to take classes with your friends just online and at your homes.



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