Stand-Up Season on Netflix

Netflix is cranking out the stand up just in the right time because I think we could all use a laugh or two right about now. Tom Segura is back on Netflix with his forth stand-up special, Ball Hog. The special is Tom’s iconic story telling style where he can get personal about his life and family all while upsetting audiences in the best of ways.

Tom is a host on a number of podcasts the most popular being “Your Moms House” which is co-hosted by his wife Christina P. Your Moms House Podcast is full of found Internet characters, Current events, special guests, and long running inside jokes that take silliness to the extreme. If you trying to keep things high and tight during quarantine give Tom Segura’s Ball Hog a shot, try it out.

Since the beginning of march Netflix released Taylor Tomlinson quarter life Crisis at just twenty-five this is already her second stand-up special, she’s hilarious and her comedy has the stamp of approval from all the comedy greats. Comedy legend Marc Maron’s special premiered March 10th And Bert Kreischer’s Hey Big Boy premiered on week later on March 17th.  Also in april there will be more specials coming to nextflix with Chris D’elia heading their Marquee with special that’s sure to rip. Stay safe, stay inside, and laugh.




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