Instagram Takes Action Against Coronavirus

Instagram coronavirus measures

In this article, it explains the measures being taken to get information out about Coronavirus. As we know, the Coronavirus has surfaced and grown immensely in the past few months. It is now starting to spread around the United States, and people need to be prepared and educated on what’s happening. Media platforms are taking action and making sure their users are aware of it. What Instagram is doing is “highlighting links to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and local health authorities​ whenever someone taps on a hashtag related to COVID-19.” I think these are outstanding features to have in place. It is also mapping out longer-term solutions to help connect people who are searching for related terms that have to do with COVID- 19 with credible information. Making sure the information they are putting out in the world is correct is much needed. Instagram is taking serious measures in checking over the information before it is posted and restricting hashtags. All of the media platforms are doing an excellent job so far in relaying information and making sure everything is credible. They are taking the steps required. Instagram is one of the most popular media platforms people use, so it is great they are doing this. This article portrays just how serious the spread of the Coronavirus is getting. Making sure we are washing our hands, not touching our faces and making sure we stay home if we do not feel well are vital things you can do to stop the spread. 


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