Quibi, The New Streaming Service on the Block and Its Headlining Celebrities


       With streaming services on the rise, chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg and CEO Meg Whitman, are trying their luck with a new service, Quibi. Launching on April 6th, Quibi is a service that offers “short segments” that are ten minutes or less. What makes it different from Netflix or Hulu is the fact that it is meant to be streamed from your phone since it is able to be watched in a landscape or vertical view. While watching its shows you can turn your phone to switch the views in order to see different perspectives of the shows. For example, you can watch a cool car chase scene in landscape mode, but if you turn it vertical, you can see helicopters in the sky chasing the cars. There have been many advertisements hitting social media apps such as Twitter, and it even had its own commercial during the Super Bowl where it had Guillermo, from Jimmy Kimmel Live!, trying to pronounce its name.

       For $4.99 a month, Quibi plans to release around 175 shows and about 8,500 “bites of content”, many of which are scripted shows, unscripted reality and even documentaries. They also plan on having daily shows that cover news and lifestyles tips. Putting in over a billion dollars into this service, Katzenberg and Whitman have managed to acquire over 50 well known Hollywood celebrities to create and star in their shows such as: Jennifer Lopez, Tom Cruise, Lebron James, Ryan Reynolds, and even Stephen Spielberg. Many people think that Quibi will become a successful streaming service while others predict a massive flop, however, we can’t know for sure until its official launch.


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