Bloomberg in the Black Media

From NBC News

Mayor Michael Bloomberg spent $3.5 Million to advertise his presidential campaign in the black media, despite his checkered past in relation to the black community.

Historically, Bloomberg supported a stop-and-frisk strategy in New York which specifically targeted minorities. This caused much discontent within the New York community and beyond, and Bloomberg has had to field many questions about his actions throughout his campaign thus far. Despite this, Andre Johnson of the Urban News Service which oversees many black owned publications, said that his efforts in advertisements have garnered a large amount of black support.

Bloomberg’s concerted effort to advertise to the black community has raised the question, how can other candidates compete? Despite the objections against Bloomberg’s past, many feel that it can be overlooked to support the common goal, elect a new president, one that isn’t Donald Trump. Due to the caliber of Trump’s connections and resources, many believe that Bloomberg is one of the only candidates who can produce the kind of funds needed to truly compete. One New Yorker summed up much of the sentiment of the nation, “We’re for anyone who can beat Trump. That’s where we are.”

According to the National Newspaper Publishers Association, Bloomberg’s investment in advertising to the Black community is a record high for a presidential campaign. The impact of the ads is still up for debate “I truly don’t think you can buy the black vote by buying ads in the black print media, and anybody who thinks that is wrong” says Johnson of the Urban News Service.

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