Snapchat is Launching a Mental Health Resource

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 In this article it explains how Snapchat is launching a new feature which is called “Here for you” which helps people who are dealing with mental illness or emotional crisis. It also gives people insight on how they can help their friends who are coping with any of these things. It will be coming out in the upcoming months. It will include different safety resources from professionals when people search for topics that have to do with mental illness—for example, anxiety, depression, stress, and a lot more. If someone were to google depression, it would come up with all different shows and episodes to educate people and teach you how to cope and handle it. It shows what you can do and that there are many resources and ways to handle it. It talks about all of these mental illnesses and emotional crisis in a constructive way. Social media has become such a significant aspect in people’s lives today, and there are about 186 million Snapchat users today. The number of people with mental illnesses is also increasing, so by having this platform and educating people when they are young, they will know how to handle everything. I thought this was an excellent article, and I believe what Snapchat is doing is fantastic. Millions of people suffer from mental illnesses and emotional crises every day and having this feature on a platform that people use hours upon hours a day is beneficial and can tell people they are not alone.


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