Indian filmmaker claims that the ‘Parasite’ plagiarized ‘Min-sara Canna’

While “Parasite” has won four awards, including Best Picture at the U.S. Academy Awards, a global craze has been brewing, raising allegations that an Indian filmmaker plagiarized his film.

CJ Entertainment, the distributor of “Parasite,” said Wednesday that it has not received any contact from Indian film producers who claim to plagiarize “Parasite.” Nothing has been said for the distributor and the production company.

Earlier on Thursday, Indian media, India Express mentioned that Indian filmmaker, PL Tenapan had reported preparations for the lawsuit, claiming that Bong Joon-ho’s “Parasite” plagiarized his film.

PL Tenaphan claims that “Parasite” is similar to his 1999 work “Min-sara Canna.” “Min-Sara Canna” is a romantic comedy about a man who goes into the rich woman’s home as a driver to see a woman he loves. The main character’s family also works as a servant and cook in the family, keeping their status secret.

PL Tenaphan said, ”Parasite” took our movie plot. Our movie inspired “Parasite,” he said, adding that he will appoint an international lawyer to discuss the charges.

“This debate will bring international attention about the film to people,” said Ravikumar, who directed “Min-Sara Canna.” “I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’m glad ‘Parasite’ inspired by ‘Min-Sara Canna’ won an Oscar. The plagiarism suit is up to the producer,” he said in a cautious stance.


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