Artificial Human AI Wants To Be Your New BFF

Remember those days where holographic tech assistants seemed like something straight out of a sci-fi movie? Well, would ya look at the time because those freaky Black Mirror days might be among us after-all. AI might soon hit its next level with Neon’s ‘Artificial Humans’.

A company backed by Samsung has recently revealed plans for a project of artificial humans and that are geared up to become our professors, yoga instructors, and even BFFs. I don’t know about you guys, but while these techy advancements totally make me twitch, I’ll admit the idea is just trippy enough to keep me curious about how far a project like this could go.

Additionally it makes me question how well communication could be translated between a human-to-machine relationship. We’ve all seen HER right? It didn’t work out too well there. But, if we’re gonna dive into the future of cyber beings.. I wonder if Scarlett Johannson would be down to voice our real-life AI friends, too.. Hm..

SO, is this weird?
Is this rad?
Is this… happening? Survey says: maybe, maybe not.
The producers admit that the tech still needs work before it takes over the world— I MEAN, innocently joins our homes and social circles.

I dunno, the whole thing is kinda #yikes but, I won’t totally diss anything that’ll bring me closer to fulfilling my Phil of The Future fantasies. #MoveOverSiri #AlexaWHO


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