Twitter Bans Fake Videos and Photos

In this article, it dives into twitter and how they are looking into banning fake videos and photos. There are several faked photos and videos put on to twitter nearly every day. These photos and videos can impact people’s safety and cause harm to others. That is why twitter is creating a “balancing act” so “allowing parody and removing disinformation — that social media companies face as they try to police the content posted to their platforms more aggressively.” Twitter has had a lot of issues with this. They took a survey from 6,500 people, and around seventy percent thought it was unacceptable for twitter to do nothing about it. People distort and lie about the information that can be crucial to the public. Many media platforms try to buckle down on this, but twitter will now face pressure from all around that they do a better job with it. There have been many examples in the past but one being that there was an edited fake clip of former vice president Joe Biden making racial slurs, but it was not real, and it circled the internet worldwide. Joe Biden was made out to look very bad, and it wasn’t even real. I thought this article was so interesting to read because I have also seen for myself faked pictures and videos that are done so well that they are seen as real. Twitter needs to put their foot down and make sure it doesn’t happen again so that the public remains safe.

Image result for Twitter announces new plan to tackle manipulated content"


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