Super Bowl: Scores, Fumbles, and A Whole Lot of Misses

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The article “Super Bowl commercials: Who scored and who fumbled on the ad industry’s biggest stage” by CNN’s Brian Lowry reviewed the best, worst, and most lackluster commercials of the 2020 Super Bowl. With an estimated $5.6 Billion in advertising dollars spent, the bar, and viewer expectations were set very high. A majority of the ads were playful, comedic, and even satirical.

Among the winners were John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s Genesis commercial, Bill Murray’s “Groundhog Day” parody for Jeep, and Jason Momoa’s Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loan. All of these commercials played on the usage of high profile and widely-loved celebrities as well this year’s comedic trend.

Among those commercials who left short were the Planter’s commercial, which featured the death of the beloved mascot as well as Michelob Ultra’s commercial starring Jimmy Fallon and John Cena. Critics overwhelmingly found these to be cheesy, ill-executed, or in the case of Planters, confusing.

There was also a list of “Notable and Not Bad, But…” which seemed to rival the winners and losers in length. In summary, it seems that despite the 5.6 Billion dollars invested into these highly coveted advertisement slots, many companies failed to make their mark in the way that others have in previous years. In the context of media consumption, the Super Bowl provides an unusually large audience as well as high level competition. Regardless if the content or quality of these ads, it is safe to say most everyone will be tuning in again next year.


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