Instagram in the controversy about lowering self esteem

The controversy about lowering self esteem in social networking services is not just about today. The problem is that Instagram has quite the right configuration to become a catalyst for inferiority complex, with its “photo” base and other services that simply measure its external reputation by measuring the number of friends or good quality. A so-called hopeless Instagram.

Unlike traditional social networking sites such as Facebook, which were based on text, Instagram needs to convey its emotions, circumstances, and even a form of bravado, with its photos and videos being delivered intuitively. Therefore, people are increasingly trying to maximize the pride and splendor in the picture, and the problem is that they are building up a lot of mental fatigue. As this trend has grown, many reports say that social problems such as the culture of officialdom and mental depression are becoming more problematic in many ways. Instagram’s distinctions run into the extremes of glamour. For example, In Korea the social situation in the 2010’s when people were struggling to find jobs, are having an adverse impact on the mental health of the youth, who are the main users.

To counter this trend, Instagram is said to be conducting updates that do not expose the number of “likes”. Instagram said the decision was chosen to allow users to focus on what they like without caring how much “likes” is pressed.

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