Coronavirus Effects Apple

Apple could see some impact from coronavirus in China, Cook says

In this article it explains how Coronavirus is effecting Apple. Coronavirus is a deadly disease that started in Wuhan, China. It is spreading rapidly and has affected up to 4,500 people in China. The disease it starting to be fatal killing up to 100 people. Apple could even see some significant impact on the virus. They could have to close their stores in Wuhan and reduce hours in other locations because of it. Several of their retail partners have also closed stores in China. Apple had robust sales, in there first quarter setting a record for the highest it’s ever been. China is Apple’s biggest iPhone market, so they are worried about what this virus will do to their sales. Many of their electronics are also assembled in China, so many factors could go into Apple’s decline in sales and revenue. Apple, as of now, is very unsure what will happen to their products, income, and sales. They are currently working on mitigation plans to make up for their expected production loss. The way that the coronavirus is spreading it does not look good. It has also spread over to the United States and Europe, so it is multiplying. This is not good for businesses because workers and production could be affected by this deadly disease. It interested me to learn that the virus isn’t just effecting people, its effecting companies, and their production. Apple is supporting and donating to help find the cure and get this disease contained, so it doesn’t effect anyone else.


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