The 5G Boogaloo

Industry is pushing the “race” to produce 5g. It seems as though 5g will be the next big thing in quest for global communication dominance but what is underlying conflict that makes the race to have 5g so important? Truth of the matter is that the race for 5g is not existent and only serves as buzz word for mainstream telecommunications giants like Verizon and Comcast to pander to lawmakers throughout the country. 

The race for 5g is nothing more than a bargaining chip these communications giants wield in order to produce company gains.  The company’s that can show the “best” 5g service maps are the one that win the race for government tax breaks, incentives, and subsidies. The companies will win but the consumers will lose. The United States technically won the battle for 4g but we don’t talk about that anymore. However, what we are left with after that grueling 4g race with china to see who will have the first nationwide coverage was higher monthly internet/phone bills, coverage that seems to lack the speed that was promised, and stellar customer service. Don’t get me wrong with the emergence of 5g coverage internet speeds will increase but so will the costs, and the ability to piggy back on the consumer will be easier due to the FCC’s decision to give up on consumer protection.

The race rhetoric only serves the interests of the conglomerates that created it. In a country that can’t afford to subsides school lunches to public schools, or has to cut spending on important infrastructure to keep its people safe, it only seems right to throw a couple billion towards the Verizon’s and Comcast’s of the world to insure that the country gets that fast 5g internet that it craves. What we’ll also get is more lack luster customer experience, price hikes, and potentially some new health problems from all the new high frequency 5g towers.




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